Stay CarbonClassy

Choose a lifestyle that is CarbonClassy; ignore the corporate media and help the environment by simply helping yourself, your neighbors, your community. #BuyHyperLocal

3 min readJul 22, 2022

Written by co-founders @ GrowCake

GrowCake believes the term ‘Carbon Footprint’ means, essentially, NOTHING. Nothing unless you’re a shareholder at BP, British Petroleum, or a Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather.

So we’re saying GrowCake hates the environment and climate change is a hoax and Drill, Baby, Drill?!


What we’re saying is the term ‘Carbon Footprint’ is the 1%’s latest attempt at ‘Rules for Thee, Not For Me’.

According to it’s own ‘origin of concept’, ‘Carbon Footprint’ was “popularized by a $250 million advertising campaign by the oil and gas company BP in 2005 designed by Ogilvy which was a plan to divert attention from fossil fuel companies to individual consumers.”

According to The Guardian, “From 2004 to 2006, a $100m-plus a year BP marketing campaign ‘introduced the idea of a ‘carbon footprint’ before it was a common buzzword’, according to the PR agent in charge of the campaign. The targets of this campaign were the ‘routine human activities’ and ‘lifestyle choices’ of ‘individuals’ and the ‘average American household’. In 2019, BP ran a new ‘Known your carbon footprint’ campaign on social media.”

So we’re saying companies, of which GrowCake is one, can never do anything positive for humanity and any/all initiatives are merely profit-seeking facades?!

Sort of…

CarbonClassy: Making Up Our Own Term, On Our Own Terms

This is why GrowCake is very proud to present our own multi-dollar campaign. We’ve spent minimal hours across zero private jet flights to bring you our own term, on our own terms…

the CARBONCLASSY lifestyle

Living CarbonClassy is simple…
1. Submit your application at
2. Join our eCommerce (web) marketplace for FREE
3. Join our mCommerce (mobile) marketplace as a Grower or Supporter for just $5/month
4. Launch a new Neighborhood by becoming a Sponsor for $1,000 — $10,000 and transform your business into a Neighborhood Hub.
5. Earn CarbonClassy points by living HyperLocal; growing, sponsoring, and/or supporting each neighborhood supply chain.
6. Spend your CarbonClassy points at supporting HyperLocal partner businesses
7. The circular economy is born and HyperLocal Growth is proliferated!

Please email if you live in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area and are interested in the HyperLocal Movement!




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