You Are What You Eat

The HyperLocal Mission for Your Neighborhood Supply Chain Written by Co-Founders @ GrowCake

6 min readJul 28, 2022

GrowCake is on a mission to reignite the progressive food cooperative boom of the Twin Cities (circa early-1970’s) with a mobile technology twist. We are on a Mobile-enabled mission to grow a People-centric platform on a HyperLocal network built by Hyper-Meritocratic principles and data.

Money Isn’t Spent.. it Spends You!

No, we are not in a recession. Don’t be such an alarmist! The corporate media is correct and they aren’t lying to you. I promise you.

We can prove it.

In an article from Reuters last week, they noted, “Vanguard Group, the world’s second-biggest asset manager, said on Wednesday the U.S. economy had a growing chance of falling into recession in the next two years but raised its expectations for annual returns on stocks and bonds.”

See? Told ya! Nothing to worry about, nothing to see here..

In fact, any true economist or successful businessperson will tell you the reality right now; we’re not in a recession…

…we’re in a Total. Global. Collapse.


Re-read the quote from Reuters. and the sentence “the US economy had a growing chance of falling into recession, but..”. Now, the Dictionary definition of inflation is ‘two back to back quarters of negative growth’ so the statement ‘growing chance’, released on July 13th, 2022, is a the tiny lie that balloons into the absolute corruption of truth. Do you think this is a stretch?

The biggest lie, the most insidious part of their deception, is defining recession outside of it’s literal meaning; defining economic cycles in the same way we choose to ‘identify’ our own gender or race or religion is a recipe for total unmitigated disaster.

We are not being lied to, we are being gaslit. Gaslighting is the manipulation (someone/something) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. And, unfortunately for modern oligarchies, it is not a green or clean renewable energy. It is the antithesis of renewable, it is the destruction of all that has been or could ever become.

They mislead. They feed us a steady diet of “bread and circuses”, a metonymic phrase coined by Roman poet Juvenal in the late first century.

The powerful, and those that seek to wield it, will never change. They are saying to us, “Let them eat cake”. Another phrase coined in the 18th century by Marie Antoinette, or some say by another Royal at that time.

But “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”, a phrase coined by an unknown in the world of Boxing, is the truest statement of them all.


Supply glut, too many products chasing too few dollars, leads to all-encompassing retail price cuts. Supply shock cascades uncontrollably leading to extreme corporate losses and massive layoffs.

The bullwhip effect refers to “the amplification of variability in demand as you move up the supply chain from retailers to manufacturers… When a retailer incorrectly forecasts demand, this mistake is often magnified as orders are sent to distributors and manufacturers, eventually leading to massive discrepancies between inventory produced and demand.”

Simply put, “Bullwhip effects can lead to excess inventory, lost revenue, and overinvestment in production.”

We are now hearing the sound of this Bullwhip crack and are facing an August and September 2022 of a complete and absolute collapse in corporate ‘safety’, ‘responsibility’ and ‘corporate welfare’.

We are living in the Age of Moral Hazard. For the sake of data analysis, start at Richard Nixon taking us off the gold standard in 1971 and trace all the way through bubble after bubble to today’s 2022 recession and near hyper-inflation.

We are about to experience the largest economic crash in world history and, this time, the powerful elite have no way out.

But we can fight back as a city, a town, a neighborhood, a community. We can take back the production, distribution, and sale of our food through implementing the HyperLocal Neighborhood Supply Chain!


We need a stronger separation between state and self. Corporation and self. Media and self. Politics and self. This collective ideology and tribalism is a symptom of propaganda.

Imagine an Amazon in the 1990s that chose to create a cooperative revenue structure between their company and their early partners in book publishing. It wouldn’t have been easy, but if they would have chosen to be as ‘relentless’ with cooperative capitalism as they have been with Wall Street-sponsored hostile industry takeovers, we wouldn’t be in the hyperinflation of today.

  1. Once a person becomes a Mentor or Advertiser (or plays an integral role in creation or deployment of biz dev) in a specific neighborhood, they own that part of supply chain/neighborhood in perpetuity
  2. GOLDRUSH: When new markets launch, our most active users gain the ability to grow and monetize first before anyone else!
  3. We are going to bring small businesses and farms online thru our specialized DTCC2C marketplace, via eCommerce and mCommerce; web commerce and mobile commerce.

Sometimes the will of the people is so strong that nothing can stop it!

A perfect example can be found in the state of Minnesota’s nationwide lead on food co-ops. Today Minnesota is home to a network of 45 co-ops, working with more than 200 organic farms.

We face an insurmountable challenge if we fight corporate food. But what if instead of fighting each other, we fight together, we will win for the people and by the people once again.

How do we achieve this??

The solution can be found in Minnesota’s rich agricultural history; the food cooperative.

A food cooperative is “based on democratic principles. As owners of the business, the members are the decision makers. Members control their cooperative through a Board of Directors that they elect from among themselves.”

GrowCake plans to become the World’s Largest Food Cooperative with the Help and Commitment of Everyone Forging Their Own Path, Paying it Forward to their Neighborhoods and Communities.





“When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Turn Pro” - Hunter S Thompson